The Golfo Dulce provides unique opportunities to see dolphins, whales, turtles and leaping rays while you explore the warm tropical coral reefs or the mangrove estuary of the Rio Esquinas..

From the quiet waters of the gulf and its mangroves to the National Park of Piedras Blancas, nowhere else in Costa Rica will you find such intense and diverse tropical flora and fauna. 


The Golfo Dulce

The Golfo Dulce is located on the South Pacific region of Costa Rica and is one of three tropical fjords in the world. It is a large bay with many secluded beaches and the astounding biodiversity of primary rainforest. Of the many tourist attractions Costa Rica has to offer, the Golfo Dulce is the perfect destination for nature lovers, both those seeking adventure and those who want only to relax under a palm tree on the beach.

Circling the warm blue waters of Golfo Dulce is a tropical rain forest where one may encounter four species of monkey (spider, white-faced, squirrel and howler), Poison Dart frogs, Morpho butterflies, anteaters, agoutis, coati mundis, jaguars, ocelots and margays.

Beautiful birds abound, such as scarlet macaws, toucans, hummingbirds, great curassows, crested guans, trogons, aracaris, honey creepers, herons, tinamous, woodpeckers, wood creepers, ant birds and manikins.

Conscious that nature and sustainable tourism can complement each other, the area features eco-friendly lodges that strive to promote and protect the rainforest, provide comfortable accomodations and to make this your most enjoyable holiday ever..

If adventure is what you want and you prefer to go where no man has gone before (or just a few anyway),  you are looking to discover a new specias of insect or you need some prime time hammocking, the Lodges of the Golfo Dulce can provide exactly what you are looking for. 

The Golfo Dulce area is the least traveled and most pristine part of Costa Rica yet all lodges are easily accessible from Golfito or Pto Jimenez. by boat. 

Each lodge is unique in it's own way and all offer a variety of activities, accomodations and services so check out their websites to see which adventure you seek.

What is an Eco Lodge?

An ecolodge is a facility which is designed to accommodate ecotourists, people who are interested in traveling in a ecologically-friendly way. Ecotourism is also referred to as “sustainable” and “green tourism." At an ecolodge, accommodation of tourists is important, but so is benefiting the environment and the local community. The facilities at an ecolodge can be quite varied, from simple tents to luxurious spa retreats.

Several characteristics differentiate an ecolodge from other types of hotels. Typically, an ecolodge employs local people, and it is often owned locally as well. The facility is built with local labor, using materials found in the region, and it is usually built in an environmentally-friendly way. Building materials may be recycled, for example, and the facility may be powered with alternative energy. Graywater is separated from black water, the kitchen composts its waste, and guests are encouraged to take small steps for the environment like reusing towels and sheets.

Ideally, an ecolodge has a positive environmental impact, in contrast with conventional hotels, inns, spas, and so forth, which often come with a high environmental price tag. A variety of innovative techniques might be used to make the space environmentally friendly, and profits from the ecolodge tend to benefit the environment and the local community. 

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