The Water The Water Towing kayaks up the Rio Esquinas Towed up just before high tide, then released and kayak back with the current of the river and the outgoing tide. 163198817 Kayaking inside the mangrove estuary Kayaks can go inside the smallest channels and deep into the mangroves. 163198818 Inshore fishing Roosterfish towing a kayak fisherman 163198813 Inshore fishing Local guide with a nice roosterfish. 163198814 Going to town on a Saturday 163198815 Black sand beach at low tide 163198816 Pirates cove 163198819 Punta Saladero Beginning of the mouth of the Rio Esquinas 163198820 Fishing with a hand line in the river 168918222 Rio Esquinas in the morning 168918223 Saturday locals going to town 168918224 Beach at Saladero Ecolodge 168918225 Buttress roots in the mangrove estuary 204557497 Tour of the river by boat 204557498